Cougars and Cubs
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Cougars and Cubs

Ashley Ladd, K.S. Augustin, Mia Watts, Catherine Chernow, Elizabeth Coldwell, Imari Jade

In 'Scene of the Crime' Robin's not sure if she's a sexy cougar or a desperate older woman when she finds her ex boyfriend's now adult son sexy-as-hell. In 'Singapore Sizzle' Sophie is English, divorced, living in Singapore...and bored, Bored, Bored! But is she ready for handsome, exotic, young Adrian Pereira? They've been family friends forever, but when a kiss leads to frenzied sex, 'Melting Melinda' becomes Ethan's top priority. Kate is only supposed to be offering hot young student Stephen work experience, until their relationship moves from office to bedroom. Business turns to pleaure, in 'Something Within Him'. Dormant hormones spring to life when six-feet of gorgeous, sexy man moves next door to Maddie Summers. She's a cougar, he's a cub...will they be 'Lucky in Love'? How can Julianne find 'Something to be Thankful For' since the young rocker Cameron Justice confessed his love for her, disappeared and then left her to clean up the mess?

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