Confessions of a Cougar
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Confessions of a Cougar

Morgan St. James

WHAT WOULD YOU DO IF YOU HAD 3 WEEKS IN ENGLAND AND LOTS OF GORGEOUS YOUNG ENGLISHMEN? Audrey's "wheeler-dealer" millionaire boyfriend has sent her and Audrey's best friend Susan to England, all expenses paid after Susan's husband dies. He had leased a cottage in Surrey, sight unseen and says, "What could be more perfect than having you and Susan check it out for me?" Of course, Audrey is excited beyond belief but doesn't know he has an ulterior motive. The taxi driver pulls up in front of what should have been the charming country cottage she saw in a photo, but instead it looks as foreboding as a haunted house. A few loose shingles make flapping noises when lifted by a light breeze to complete the creepy feeling. They are determined to have a good time, though, so what might have been a disaster for these 42-year-olds, turns into an adventure beyond anything they imagined. The fact that both are sexy women who look like they're in their early thirties doesn't hurt. They rent a tiny Morris Mini and Sue, the braver of the two, masters driving on the wrong side of the road on the wrong side of the car while Audrey, who doesn't know her right from her left, navigates. The ice is broken when they hook up with two handsome young Bobbies at Leeds Castle and after a night of passionate lovemaking, throw caution to the wind, forget about age, boyfriends and Susan stops thinking about her dead husband. Audrey finds out Bob probably sent her to England so he could have an affair with a beautiful young Swedish woman. For three glorious weeks Sue and Audrey travel around England and Holland on Bob's dime, get into hilarious situations and rack up enough encounters with young men to officially qualify as cougars. IF YOU'VE EVER FANTASIZED ABOUT BEING A COUGAR, THIS IS A BOOK YOU HAVE TO READ. Inspired by true experiences.

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